McMatt Australian Shepherds

CH McMatt's EZ Victor



Sire: Castle's Days of Thunder

Dam: CH McMatt's All That Joy

21" tall, Full dentition, scissor bite

OFA Good - Eyes Clear

"Victor" is one of our valued producers here at McMatt.  Homebred, Victor produced some very impressive offspring.  While not a huge dog, he is huge in heart.  Victor has the sweetest cuddle temperament you will find.  After producing many Champion offspring here at McMatt, Victor spent a year with Leida Jones of Penn Y Careau and a year with Lisa Hart of BiJou Australian Shepherds producing lovely get along the way.  He is strong to produce a lovely shoulder, correct front assembly, gorgeous headpiece as well as intelligence to boot. He is also known for his outstanding side gait that seems to be so hard to find these days. Peruse some of Victor's get and you'll see why he was so important to our gene pool.  Don't be surprised if you don't see some more of Victor babies at McMatt as I saved this young man before he decided to hit the West coast and live with Tina Beck of Goldcoast Kennels.

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